Fez Guided Walking Tour

Duration: 3-4 Hours

Location: Fes el-Bali (Oldest Fes)





Be ready to get close enough to the locals of Fez and learn about their customs, traditions & unique style of life..

  • Unveil the mystery of Fez Medina
  • Come to terms with the local culture & lifestyle
  • Visit the Museums, Tanneries & Funduks
  • Learn about the history of one of the oldest Moroccan cities

Groups allowed

Photography allowed

3-4 Hours

What to Expect

Fez guided walking tour

Fez Guided Walking Tour

Visiting the mystery city of Fez can be a lifetime experience. Life in Fez is best experienced than told that is why we will be guiding you and explaining along the way all you need to know about all you see. You also get the opportunity to discuss with the good people of the city to give you the best experience of the life in Fez.

Full-Day Fez Guided Walking Tour

For this tour, we will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the exciting Fez Medina. Highlights of this tour include a four-hour or less strolling around the streets of the Medina for you to experience the feeling of six centuries ago. We will take you past cobbled streets where you will be seeing towering, ancient mosques, crumbling caravanserais and minarets that are green-glazed. You will also be opportune to have lunch at the magnificent Restaurant Nejjarine. We will then continue to Bou Inania Medersas and the Souk El-Attarine.

Here you will find beautiful artifacts you can take back with you like Berber paintings, rugs and much more. The next stop is the world’s first university which has been converted to a mosque, the Al-Qaraouiyine University which was founded in 859.

Then the tour will also feature a visit to the booming souks found in the narrow streets of Medina. And finally, we will show you other lovely attractions like the Chouara Tannery and the Dar Bartha.

Enjoying your visit to this beautiful city requires you get close enough to the locals and learning about their customs and traditions. Rather than viewing from a distance, an up-close view gives you a real reflection of the city’s livelihood. We want you to have this lovely experience; therefore, do not hesitate to take on this journey that will give you a lasting memory of the beauty of the city.

Where to Meet

Your private tour guide will pick you up from your hotel/Riad and will escort you back to your accommodation at the end of the tour; otherwise, you can end the day experience in the location of your choice.

The tour is primarily on foot, this why it's recommended to have suitable shoes for walking.

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